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Endorphins - "the hormones of happiness"

The discovery of endorphins

Endorphins were discovered in the 70-ies of XX century, as one of the pituitary hormones. Their biological properties were very similar to the properties of opiates. Immediately mounted their strongest analgesic effect, several times higher than the effect of morphine in the same doses. That is why they are called "endorphins" (a combination of the words "endogenous" and "morphine").

This discovery was a scientific sensation. Dozens of laboratories around the world have begun to actively explore these substances. One of the main research customers were governments that wish to obtain robust and insensitive to the pain of soldiers and athletes. The main sponsors were, of course, the pharmaceutical companies, who dreams to establish the mass production of artificially synthesized endorphins. Humanity promised perfect pain reliever, does not cause addiction, a cure for opiate addiction and the ideal analgesic. But all this was only the beginning of the history of endorphins...

Endorphins is more than the epidural!

Interest in endorphins grew stronger the more he became aware of the properties of these new substances. Thus, during the scientific experiments with these substances, it was found that pain management is not the only effect of endorphins-therapy".

Scientists reported that they found the new features "internal morphine". It turned out that endorphins accelerate healing of damaged tissues, improve immunity, counteract stress, normalize blood pressure, help you recover after a hard long-lasting diseases, protect the body from fatigue and emotional tension and more.

"Endorphins in tablets"

For almost 20 years, these scientific quest agitated the minds, drawing amazing healing prospects of endorphins, but did not give an answer to the main question how to reproduce their effects, without interfering in the brain? During this time, scientists discovered receptors the perception of endorphins.
It turned out they are present almost everywhere, participating in many life processes! When was established biochemical structure of endorphins into the arena were of pharmacologists: there have been various synthetic analogs of endorphins, in varying degrees, mimic their action. Some of them were produced in ampoules, other analogues were tablets.
The government order for artificial endorphins, it seemed, was the pharmaceutical industry is made. Already during the Gulf War, American soldiers had first-aid kits classified pain pills, the effect of almost the same drugs do not cause addiction. However, the ideal analgesic still did not work: not only is the effect of anesthesia such preformed endorphins" was not so high. Some pills would cause excitation, that is, had the properties of a stimulant, other causes hallucinations, and others led to seizures. Almost all synthetic analogues were those other side effects.

The discover "electric endorphins" of Soviet scientists

While the global pharmaceutical science tried to break the deadlock, Russian scientists have proposed a completely different way.
The Leningrad group of researchers of the Institute of physiology. I. P. Pavlov, USSR Academy of Sciences under the guidance of Professor Valery Pavlovich Lebedev as a result of years of research found the influence of weak electric impulses, which the brain begins to actively produce endorphins. Method is called transcranial electrostimulation (TES therapy). By that time, as Western pharmacologists have been forced to admit that the search for "endorphin medication" was not successful, domestic method has already been successfully implemented in leading Soviet clinics, such as the Institute of emergency care n. a. N. In.Sklifosovsky, Military clinical hospital n. a. N. N. Burdenko, Military medical Academy n. a. S. M. Kirov, and many others.
Scientists around the world were forced to agree that the best producer of endorphins is the human organism itself and learn to control this "production" would be much better, cheaper and safer than churn out chemical endorphins".
The more that the endorphin system were found to be amenable to training! But first, let's see

Why your body needs endorphins?

The transition from the imitation of the action of endorphins, chemical analogues, to strengthen their own endorphin system, was a turning point in the formation of a completely new clinical thinking.
It became clear in which cases and why the brain produces endorphins.
The first response is to protect: the release of endorphins is a natural protective reaction of the organism to stress or pain.
Endorphins are released into the blood in severe physical and mental stresses, freezing and overheating, in the acute phase of almost all diseases. If this protective system "works", it maintains the health and the disease does not develop, if not, then the consequences can be very severe.
The second answer is for positive emotions: the release of endorphins in humans is directly linked to the feeling of happiness, enjoyment, achievement targets, etc. That's why endorphins have been colloquially called "happiness hormones". The fun of good movies, listening music, beautiful books these positive emotions has endorphin nature. Holiday by the sea, chocolate, sex, a victory in sports, success in science, etc. are also a source of "happiness hormones". Known indisputable truth: "the wounds of the winners heal faster!", but this is an example of the action of endorphins.

Love extends the life

The most important and at the same time the most underrated resource health remains love! The love of parents to children, children to parents, wife to husband... Even the mere absence of hatred towards others greatly extends the life. Conversely, lack of positive emotions which can change its entire course.
If a pregnant woman has problems in the family, if she doesn't want this baby or she works hard, gets nervous, do not eat the fruit will develop slower, and primarily inhibited the development of higher functions of the intellect, memory, attention, emotions... Physically at birth to distinguish a loved child of an unloved difficult, but their future path will be very different.
From "unloved" (and they will continue alubit, because they now have asked for and require attention!) much more likely to grow nervous, impulsive, unable to concentrate children. They may prevail against barely out of school, but the Institute practically ordered. Often they are raw materials for the criminal element: hungry, angry, the child will not think about the immorality of selling drugs or stealing, etc. - would only give money for a piece of bread. But the "favorite" already went to College, got married, got a good job...

Between them only a difference in even a few dozen NANO, and PICO-moles per liter in their blood! So, driving endorphins, we can control not only health, but destiny.
However, the problem is that people can't just do that punctuate sports, walks on the beach, sex, eating chocolate and listening to music. In life most people have a system to produce endorphins oppressed by constant stress, bad ecology, irregular meals, urban noise, quarrels in the family, at work, and other adverse external and internal factors.
Therefore, our protective system can and should assist in maintaining health. For example, the training using a mild electrical stimulation.

Workout endorphin system of the body

As we have said, life year after year leads to the fact that the natural mechanisms of the synthesis of endorphins begin to work with less intensity: "to get drunk from happiness" with age becomes increasingly difficult. And disease can sometimes accumulate like a snowball.
As a result of the procedures TES therapy the amount of endorphins in the body not only normal, but also grows to meet future needs. There is a restoration (improvement, update) the endorphin system similar to the growing strength of the muscles during the training session.
After the course the TPP, even when the relative health of the body begins harder to produce "happy hormones" than previously. But only in those cases when they are needed! TPP does not give rise to people, always walking with a smile on his face, just the natural protective power or emotional reactions after treatments increases.
Increases efficiency, endurance, resistance to infections, etc. improve the QUALITY of LIFE!

Treatment endorphins is the medicine of the future

Today's understanding of the role of the endorphin system is: ENDORPHINS MADE US human!
The endorphin system, the regulation system of "higher level", which controls all other regulatory systems of the body: analgesic, immune and reparative (healing), hormonal, etc.
This system participated in the process of evolution (and the opioids even react ciliates and snails), selecting only those changes and mutations that led to the development of this sport. This is the basis by restoring that, you gradually restore the entire body, which is a well-functioning self-regulating system. The pursuit of the ideal all natural for Homo sapiens!
So many modern treatments tend not to directly control certain processes in the body and help to strengthen the natural protective reaction or recover missing or poorly functioning their links.
The procedure of hardening, Hiking, fresh air and exercise, proper and regular meals all contribute to the preservation of health.
And very cool that now in our Arsenal is powerful, but at the same time simple and reliable assistant defense system TES-therapy.