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The common cold is an effective treatment to quickly relieve cold symptoms

TES-therapy: to treat the common cold quickly

Colds often is epidemiological in nature and is one of the most common diseases in the offseason. Any aggressive effects of the environment on the organism causing the complex protective response of the adaptive reactions. For example, when exposed to cold, draught and moisture changes of cutaneous blood flow, the body tries to preserve heat internally. There is swelling of the mucosa of the nasopharynx. Appears the cough reflex. At hit in an organism of respiratory virus infection, the body reacts by mobilizing the immune system and other body defenses. All of these symptoms are popularly called in one word cold.

The possibility of a defensive reaction for colds each person individually and not unlimited. The most frequent breach of human health are the state, United by the concept of colds.

Obviously there are several ways to deal with the cold. The first reduction potential of aggressiveness factor. As a rule, it is about prevention. This hardening, preventive vaccinations, wearing a mask in an epidemic setting, increase the body's resistance.

The second way is activities medical nature, making already held colds less dangerous proceeding. Is receiving appropriate medication, inhalation, mustard, etc. the List of activities goes on. However, it is clear that all these activities are more of a secondary etiological or symptomatic.

Much more interesting are methods of increasing the level of protective systems of the organism itself, so that even in extreme corrosive effects (for example, massive viral infection), the body was not ill, and in the case of cold recovered quicker and with less stress adaptation systems.

One such method is TES-therapy selective stimulation endorphinergic and serotonergic protective mechanisms of the brain and the entire body. The systemic nature of this therapy is manifested in the development of complex sanogenetic effects: restores self-regulation of the organism, increases the quality of immunity (increased number of natural killer cells, completed phagocytosis, etc.) leads to the fact that even with high titers of virus in the blood disease is tolerated much better, there is rarely dangerous complications (bronchitis, pneumonia, etc.), improving the quality of life of patients. Frequently ill with colds children with chronic infection when carrying out preventive courses of TES therapy start to hurt in 2 times less than before TES therapy.

Pilot a pilot study conducted at the research Institute of influenza, showed high efficiency of TES therapy at the first signs of occurrence of colds, comparable and exceeding the effect of antiviral drugs. Relieves edema of the mucosa of the nasopharynx, reduces the excitability of the cough center. Improves cerebral blood flow and relieved the headache. TES therapy allows you to quickly relieve cold symptoms.

The whole complex effects develops simultaneously and gently, without any load on the adaptive systems of the body. In the process of TES therapy training is endorphinergic system with strong and stable in time delays. A cold often gets abortive during and after the small first symptoms generally do not develop.