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Treatment of headache

Headache treatment at home without medication

Frequent headaches are one of the most common reasons to see a doctor. In this case, the physician is faced with a "bouquet of symptoms", i.e. with complex disorders psycho-physiological condition, comprising, in addition to pain, emotional, autonomic, motor, and behavioral components.

Patients different descriptions of the different types of headaches, so the treatment of cluster headache, migraine - especially important in view of the prevalence of the problem. Effectively and quickly relieve headache will help You Doctor TPP".
Causes of headache

Each of us sooner or later faces a headache. It may show up on the background of various diseases (neuroses, depression, hypertension, arterial hypotension, renal and endocrine disorders, diseases of the nervous system, ENT, eyes, etc.).

Heat therapy can help relieve headache pain quickly and without the use of medicines

During course of treatment is training endorphinergic system with strong and stable in time delays. Thus, when TES therapy treatment of severe headaches occur on a background of complex restoration of homeostasis.