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Treatment of pain in the abdomen and in the stomach without the use of medication

How to relieve the pain in the abdomen and in the stomach?

The solution to the question how to relieve the pain in my stomach is always a challenge even for highly skilled professionals. Often, when long-established and confirmed diagnosis of, for example, chronic gastric ulcer, aggravation of the pain syndrome may be the result of a further deterioration of the disease, as a manifestation of acute appendicitis with atypical location of the Appendix or other acute surgical pathology.

Therefore there is no "treatment", and even more, just pain relief, without establishing the causes of pain in the abdomen (as a minimum, the inspection of the surgeon) should be considered unacceptable. Only the complete exclusion of surgical pathology and installation of "therapeutic" diagnosis of abdominal pain allows conservative treatment, usually standardized in cases of diseases of the abdominal organs.

One of the methods, every year expanding its indications for use in the gastroenterological diseases, is the method of TES therapy.

The method is not directed to the treatment of abdominal pain, per se, not for the relief of other symptoms of gastritis or peptic ulcer disease, and systemic mechanisms of development of this pathology, which can relieve the pain in the stomach and in the abdomen.

TES-therapy – selective stimulation endorphinergic and serotonergic protective mechanisms of the brain and the entire body. The systemic nature of this therapy is manifested in the development of complex sanogenetic effects: restores self-regulation of the organism, accelerates the healing of the mucous membranes of the gastrointestinal tract, liver cells, pancreas, steadfastly normalized levels of gastrin and hydrochloric acid, and other biochemical parameters. The body is quickly released from the Helicobacter and normalize the psycho-physiological status, and quality of life of patients.

The whole complex effects develops simultaneously and gently, without any load on the adaptive systems of the body. Training is endorphinergic system with strong and stable in time delays. Relief of abdominal pain is a consequence of the normalization of homeostasis. This can significantly reduce the amount of medication, and sometimes reject them entirely.