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Treatment of stress without the use of medication at home

TES therapy in a treatment of stress and depression

Treatment of stress for a long time was not recognized traditional medicine as a necessary action in the complex procedures, because stress under normal conditions has an important adaptive value. For example, vaccination is essentially a stressor, but normally leads to the appearance or increase immunity. Today, however, the improvement of stress resistance of organisms has changed dramatically.

In excess, pathologically repetitive, extreme situations of stress-inducing factors lead to various maladaptive disorders and diseases. In the modern rhythm of these factors reduce the quality of daily life that has led to the fact that medicine is intensively studied methods of increasing stress tolerance.

It is known that in a healthy organism pivotal role in ensuring endogenous protection from stress played endogenous opioid peptides (EOP), which are natural inhibitors of the extra secretion of adrenaline and catecholamines in response to stressors. In certain individual borders EOD ensure the stress-limiting effect, normalize autonomic regulation, reduce systemic blood pressure, reduce heart rate, improve coronary blood flow, inhibit the production of renin, relax smooth muscle, etc.

However, the body reserves are not infinite and the beyond the voltage of the system may experience a failure to adapt and the development of stress-induced pathology. So, treatment of stress need. The disease develops in a well-known principle: "where subtly there and tear". In the classical works of A. A. Bogomolets (1905-1909) and Hans Selye (1936), dedicated to stress-induced diseases is observed that irrespective of the kind and type of stressor in the body is always celebrated a malfunction in the adrenal glands, immune system, sexual function and ulceration in the gastro-intestinal tract. So there is a complex homeostatic disorders.

How to quickly relieve stress and improve stress tolerance?

Improvement of stress tolerance by oragnisms is of great practical importance, as it affects the productivity, learning, mental and deviant forms of behavior.

Medication stress is often ineffective and has many side effects. Moreover, it is clear that it has a secondary symptomatic orientation, because no cure is impossible to change, for example, the nature of the stressor. You can try to increase the stress resistance of the organism to the stressor: hardening, psycho-physical training, etc. But this task is quite difficult and cannot be solved with standard methods due to the individuality of each organism and the limits of its adaptive capabilities.

The search for methods of treatment of stress-induced diseases has led to the need of such methods of activation of the EOP system, as the thermal therapy. Method TES therapy selectively activates endorphinergic protective structures of the brain that is is not aimed at treating the symptoms of a particular disease, and systemic mechanisms of development of this pathology.

The systemic nature of this therapy is manifested in the development of the whole complex sanogenetic effects: increases resistance to stress, restores self-regulation of the organism, normalizes the psycho-physiological status, restores the normal balance of hormones hypophysis, adrenal, sex hormones, inhibited the ulcer formation, accelerates epithelization and scarring ulcers formed.

After treatments TES therapy normalized well-being and sleep. Increases efficiency, improves the quality of life of patients. The whole complex effects develops simultaneously and gently, without any load on the adaptive systems of the body. Training is endorphinergic system with a strong and stable time-delay, expressed in a significant increase in stress. Thus, we can conclude about good prospects of application of TES-therapy in the treatment of stress. TES therapy will help You to relieve stress without the use of psychotropic drugs.