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Endorphins - "the hormones of happiness"

Endorphins were discovered in the 70-ies of XX century, as one of the pituitary hormones. Their biological properties were very similar to the properties of opiates. Immediately mounted their strongest analgesic effect, several times higher than the effect of morphine in the same doses. That is why they are called "endorphins" (a combination of the words "endogenous" and "morphine").

This discovery was a scientific sensation. Dozens of laboratories around the world have begun to actively explore these substances. One of the main research customers were governments that wish to obtain robust and insensitive to the pain of soldiers and athletes. The main sponsors were, of course, the pharmaceutical companies, who dreams to establish the mass production of artificially synthesized endorphins. Humanity promised perfect pain reliever, does not cause addiction, a cure for opiate addiction and the ideal analgesic. But all this was only the beginning of the history of endorphins...


Treatment of stress without the use of medication at home

It is known that in a healthy organism pivotal role in ensuring endogenous protection from stress played endogenous opioid peptides (EOP), which are natural inhibitors of the extra secretion of adrenaline and catecholamines in response to stressors. In certain individual borders EOD ensure the stress-limiting effect, normalize autonomic regulation, reduce systemic blood pressure, reduce heart rate, improve coronary blood flow, inhibit the production of renin, relax smooth muscle, etc.

However, the body reserves are not infinite and the beyond the voltage of the system may experience a failure to adapt and the development of stress-induced pathology. So, treatment of stress need. The disease develops in a well-known principle: "where subtly there and tear". In the classical works of A. A. Bogomolets (1905-1909) and Hans Selye (1936), dedicated to stress-induced diseases is observed that irrespective of the kind and type of stressor in the body is always celebrated a malfunction in the adrenal glands, immune system, sexual function and ulceration in the gastro-intestinal tract. So there is a complex homeostatic disorders.


Treatment of headache

Headache can be leading, and sometimes the only complaint more than 40 different diseases: neurosis, depression, hypertension, arterial hypotension, renal and endocrine disorders, diseases of the nervous system, ENT, eyes, etc. However the most common forms are tension headache (70%) and migraine (25%). Patients can only describe the nature of the headache: throbbing, strong, clustered or describe the location of the headache in the back of the head, in the temples. The treatment in such cases is extremely complicated.

Separately, cluster headache, which may strike suddenly, accompanied by the strongest painful attacks, which are difficult adequate treatment.

Despite the different symptoms and sensations according to the patient, treatment of cluster headache is not different from the treatment of headache in the back of my head, if you are able to determine the cause.

Unfortunately, even the understanding of the mechanisms of development in a particular case will not always lead to effective treatment of severe headache, because you cannot affect the necessary links in the pathogenesis of pain. In addition, a significant number of drugs used for the treatment of migraine (headache and other kinds of), capable as prolonged use to induce pain.

So relevant to the search for means and methods of treating headaches of various etiologies, especially non-drug. Of great interest is the application of TES therapy as a physiological sanogenetic method, not directed at relief of headaches, per se, but on possible systemic mechanisms of development of this pathology.


The common cold is an effective treatment to quickly relieve cold symptoms

Pilot a pilot study conducted at the research Institute of influenza, showed high efficiency of TES therapy at the first signs of occurrence of colds, comparable and exceeding the effect of antiviral drugs. Relieves edema of the mucosa of the nasopharynx, reduces the excitability of the cough center. Improves cerebral blood flow and relieved the headache. TES therapy allows you to quickly relieve cold symptoms.

The whole complex effects develops simultaneously and gently, without any load on the adaptive systems of the body. In the process of TES therapy training is endorphinergic system with strong and stable in time delays. A cold often gets abortive during and after the small first symptoms generally do not develop.


Treatment of pain in the abdomen and in the stomach without the use of medication

The solution to the question how to relieve the pain in my stomach is always a challenge even for highly skilled professionals. Often, when long-established and confirmed diagnosis of, for example, chronic gastric ulcer, aggravation of the pain syndrome may be the result of a further deterioration of the disease, as a manifestation of acute appendicitis with atypical location of the Appendix or other acute surgical pathology.

Therefore there is no "treatment", and even more, just pain relief, without establishing the causes of pain in the abdomen (as a minimum, the inspection of the surgeon) should be considered unacceptable. Only the complete exclusion of surgical pathology and installation of "therapeutic" diagnosis of abdominal pain allows conservative treatment, usually standardized in cases of diseases of the abdominal organs.