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Certification SAC

The certificate was issued on the grounds of labor conditions inspection according certification scheme "Certification" SAC

Certificate of registration in Kazakhstan

In accordance with the Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan "nation health and the health care system", issued a registration certificate to a manufacturer of medical equipment LLC "Center of TES". Medical equipment "TRANSAIR" registered and authorized for use in medical practice on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Center TES expresses particular reverence, appreciation and gratitude to LLC "Medical innovations & Technologies", Almaty for their invaluable help in representing our interests in the process of registering our products in the Republic of Kazakhstan

Center TES in China

June 25, 2014 General Director of Center TES- Malygin A.V. returned from a business trip in Shenyang (China), where he visited the pain treatment Center, Hospital of Shenyang and demonstrated the devices of the APPARATUS for thermal therapy. Also, negotiations were held with representatives of the company "Petron medical technologies on the issues of further cooperation and sales Centre TPP in China.

TES-therapy in the Czech Republic

At the end of 2014 signed and currently in force, a partnership Agreement with "SALUS" Prague, Czech Republic. The contract provides, in addition to exclusive dealer relations, certification and registration of our products in the Czech Republic and the EU

Contact our official partners in the Czech Republic:

The Company SalusCZR
Kloboučnická 1442/4, Praha 4, Ceska Respublika
Tel.: +420 722 082 782
Supervisor MUDr. et Mgr. Murat Kade CSc