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Pain syndromes

TES-therapy is a no medicament method that relieves pain of any kind.

TES-therapy was developed by the founders of the "Center TES" more than 30 years and awarded prizes of the Russian Government.

TES-therapy eliminates effectively:

  • Headaches, migraines
  • Pain in the abdomen and stomach
  • Pain in deforming arthrosis
  • Pain during premenstrual syndrome
  • Pain associated with nerve damage
  • Tooth pain
  • Muscle pain
  • Postoperative pain
  • Pain with endometriosis
  • Pain and sports injuries
  • Eye pain acute and chronic
  • Lumbar pain

The analgesic effect of TES therapy:

not depends on the cause and location of pain
can occur in 20-30 min after the beginning of exposure
has a long residual effect, lasting for 6 to 12 hours or more after the first 30-minute session and increasing as the next sessions.


Therapy of pain syndromes provides for the identification and elimination of the source or cause of the pain, the determination of the degree of involvement of various organs and tissues, as well as the most important regulatory parts of the nervous system in the formation of pain and the removal or suppression of the pain.

The achievement of analgesic effect was the starting point in the development of TPP. It was found that under the influence of TES decreases the sensitivity of peripheral pain receptors of the skin. Decreases the release of "substance P" in the posterior horns of the spinal cord when pain irritation and as a consequence a depression of pain reflexes. Blocked from conducting pain mulsow on the level of some structures of the brain (a relay nucleus of the medulla oblongata and the thalamus) on the way to the crust. In addition, there are other numerous effects endorphinergic and activation by dopamine and serotonin systems.

As a result of their stimulation normalizes cerebral blood flow, improving metabolic process, increasing the level of antioxidant protection, reducing the need of neurons to oxygen, increasing the efficiency of glucose utilization, etc.