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Doctor TES

Доктор Тэс
140 EUR
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Device Doctor TPP-3"
The contact wire (cord)
The frontal electrode 1 PC.
Electrodes BTE 2 pack
A CD with the audio session
Battery "Krona"

Gel electrodes, which are supplied, on average, 50 medical procedures and more.
Recommendations for extending the life of the electrodes is given in the instruction manual of the device "Doctor TES-03".
Additional sets of electrodes can be purchased by calling the hotline by phone: 8 (800) 333 30 35.
The cost of a full set of gel electrodes (1 frontal electrode, 2 electrode BTE) is 354 ruble.


Device DOCTOR TPP" (Apparatus-03) is manufactured and accepted in accordance with the requirements of THE 9444-008-44333151-2009 and found fit for use.
The device complies with GOST R 50444-92, GOST R 50267.0-92 GOST R 50267.0.2-2005, GOST R 50267.10-93.
Registration certificate № FS b/1739-05
Certificate of compliance № ROSS RU IM.N



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