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The gel electrodes

Доктор Тэс
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For this procedure, the electrodes must be removed from the plastic backing and apply gel layer on the forehead and behind the ears, as shown in the instructions. The electrodes are reusable (approximately 50 procedures), but individual disinfection cannot be considered.

Recommendations for use: before the procedure, TES therapy to cleanse the skin in the forehead, after washing with soap or rubbing the skin with lotion. Over time, the gel surface electrodes loses its moisture and contaminates. Therefore, the gel surface electrodes can and should be washed frequently with warm water. After washing, allow to dry in air for about 10 minutes, then used for the procedure or mounted on the substrate.The substrate is also necessary to periodically clean with warm water and soap. To ensure the best therapeutic effect of TES therapy, after 50 procedures it is recommended to buy a new set of personal gel electrodes.


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