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Nicholas Arnoudse, head of the firm "DOMI", Bulgaria

30.04.2014 09.05 | Болгария

In connection with our long-term fruitful cooperation would like to Express my support through this letter of appreciation for our common cause - improving the health of people.

Thanks to Your selfless research activity for many years, culminating in scientific discovery and development of simple and effective methods - TES therapy; millions of people in the world have gained access to non-drug, holistic and effective treatment without harmful side effects!

I have the honour and pleasure to share with You our humble contribution to the application of TES therapy in Bulgaria and, through us, in some countries of the European Union. I will make a brief report on our work for many years.

In October 1995 we signed (with You) the international Treaty on distributorsthe apparatus TRANSAIR in Bulgaria.

Almost a year later, in September 1996 after the treatment of a number of clinical trials and conducting technical tests and studies according to the requirements of the Bulgarian legislation, we received approval for the method of TES therapy and a permit from the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Bulgaria on the use of the apparatus the TRANSAIR in medical practice in the country.

In November 2010 we signed an international distribution agreement apparatuses TRANSAIR already on the territory of the countries of the Balkan Peninsula.

In early 2011 we held a joint certification on compliance of production devices of the TRANSAIR, through which we put on them the CE mark.

During this period of time, we filmed two documentaries, each lasting 45 minutes, shown by the ten regional cable TV channels, conducted a six-month active advertising on national cable television channels, we participated in four specialized exhibition of medical equipment, held lectures on five specialized medical forums for doctors, and together (with You) participated in the XII-th Congress of neurologists in Bulgaria with international participation.

In Bulgaria, the apparatus TRANSAIR work effectively in 25 medical centers and private offices in the capital Sofia, regional centres such as Sofia, Varna, Burgas, Haskovo, Kircali, Vidin, Stara Zagora, Blagoevgrad and others.

Thanks to our mediation apparatus TRANSAIR work in private medical centers in Switzerland, Austria, Romania and, in the near future in Belgrade (Serbia).

During the reporting period with the use of TES therapy successfully treated hundreds of thousands of patients with various diseases. We do not have any complaints, on the contrary - we have many letters of appreciation and feedback of patients with TES-therapy was the last hope, since nothing else they have not helped. This is especially true of neurosis, anxiety, depression, insomnia and withdrawal symptoms, including severe cases and in patients with diabetes mellitus type II.

In conclusion, I want to thank You personally and the entire staff of the "Center " TES" for excellent cooperation, I wish you health, happiness and success in Your noble cause, and we will help all forms of our cooperation to the spread of TES therapy in other European and other countries.

With navideznimi wishes, Yours sincerely, engineer Nicholas Arnoudse, head of the firm "DOMI", Bulgaria