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13.11.2014 10.18


Send to Belarus???


Hello, the phone Doctor TES deliver to Belarus via Russian post, the price of 10900 rubles including shipping, You can order the device in our online store, (payment on site)


27.09.2014 11.29

Sensorineural hearing loss

Which device is the best to buy for the treatment of chronic sensorineural hearing loss and noiseOr first go through the course and understand can he do to help and in what modes?



For the treatment of sensorineural hearing loss and ear noise very effective method "audioTES". This when combined TES-therapy with acoustic impact on a hearing aid. It is realised apparatus "TRANSAIR-07". But, these are professional machines for home use they are not intended. On this Yes, the best solution for You would be to undergo treatment from an audiologist.
Home device Doctor TES has no acoustic feedback so apply it in these diseases is possible, but less effectively. Do you feel the effect now is not possible to say, it all depends on the severity of hearing loss and individual characteristics. If you can not get professional treatment, it is possible to try, of course, worth it.